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I want to convert a column of numbers to numeric, but there are certain cells that say "New" and "Gone", which I want to retain as characters.

If I use as.numeric(df$col1), the numbers are converted to numeric, but the words are coerced into "NA" values.

Is there any way that I could convert all the numbers to numeric while preventing this coercion?

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You can't do it with a vector because vectors can only contain a single type. However, you could do it with a list.

Data <- data.frame(col1=c("1","2","New","3","Gone"), stringsAsFactors=FALSE)
List <- lapply(as.list(Data$col1), type.convert, as.is=TRUE)
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+1 for type.convert I wish I had known about that function sooner. –  GSee Jun 11 '12 at 21:27
Thanks Joshua ! –  uhohrondo Jun 12 '12 at 19:35

A column of a data.frame will always be all of the same type. So you cannot have the string "New" and the number 5 in the same column.

However, an example to get you on your way:

x <- c('New', 1, 'Gone', 2)

ifelse(is.na(as.numeric(x)), x, as.numeric(x))

Depending on what you're doing this can be extended to apply to your specific case.

Per Joshua's comment, you can use functions in the ifelse statement:

ifelse(is.na(as.numeric(x)), sprintf('its a string %s', x), sprintf('its a number %f', as.numeric(x)))

However, the usual technique for dealing with this situation is as Joshua outlined in his answer.

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I don't understand... your ifelse result is the same as x. What am I missing? –  Joshua Ulrich Jun 11 '12 at 20:47
you are correct sir! I was trying to illustrate a potential method for getting numerics out of a mixed vector without putting NA's in. Instead of just using as.numeric(x) there would need to be an appropriate function to do whatever processing the OP desired. Given a more complete question, I'd happily give a better answer. But this way it leaves the fun exploration part to the OP. –  Justin Jun 11 '12 at 20:51

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