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I am trying to dynamically hide the Toggle Button on an Expander using a Property on my ViewModel set to the Visibility property. At least that is my thought. Is there a way to just alter that one setting on the ToggleButton control without having to do the ENTIRE template of the Toggle Button in my xaml?

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You could use the Loaded event for the Expander and set up the Binding in the event handler or if you want a reusable way without code behind you could use an attached behavior.

The attached behavior finds the ToggleButton inside the Template and sets up the Binding to the attached property ToggleButtonVisibility.

Uploaded a sample app here:

Use it like this

<Expander Name="expander"
          behaviors:ExpanderBehavior.ToggleButtonVisibility="{Binding YourVisibilityProperty}"


public class ExpanderBehavior
    public static DependencyProperty BindToggleButtonVisibilityProperty =
                                            new PropertyMetadata(false, OnBindToggleButtonVisibilityChanged));

    public static bool GetBindToggleButtonVisibility(Expander expander)
        return (bool)expander.GetValue(BindToggleButtonVisibilityProperty);
    public static void SetBindToggleButtonVisibility(Expander expander, bool value)
        expander.SetValue(BindToggleButtonVisibilityProperty, value);

    private static void OnBindToggleButtonVisibilityChanged(DependencyObject target, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)
        Expander expander = target as Expander;
        if (expander.IsLoaded == true)
            RoutedEventHandler loadedEventHandler = null;
            loadedEventHandler = new RoutedEventHandler(delegate
                expander.Loaded -= loadedEventHandler;
            expander.Loaded += loadedEventHandler;

    private static void BindToggleButtonVisibility(Expander expander)
        ToggleButton headerSite = expander.Template.FindName("HeaderSite", expander) as ToggleButton;
        if (headerSite != null)
            Binding visibilityBinding = new Binding
                Source = expander,
                Path = new PropertyPath(ToggleButtonVisibilityProperty)
            headerSite.SetBinding(ToggleButton.VisibilityProperty, visibilityBinding);

    #region ToggleButtonVisibilityProperty

    public static DependencyProperty ToggleButtonVisibilityProperty = 
                                            new PropertyMetadata(Visibility.Visible));

    public static Visibility GetToggleButtonVisibility(Expander expander)
        return (Visibility)expander.GetValue(ToggleButtonVisibilityProperty);
    public static void SetToggleButtonVisibility(Expander expander, Visibility value)
        expander.SetValue(ToggleButtonVisibilityProperty, value);

    #endregion // ToggleButtonVisibilityProperty
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Thanks. I will take a look at doing this. – g.t.w.d Jun 12 '12 at 19:31
Besides re-templating, you also have another option. You could subclass ´Expander` and find the ToggleButton in OnApplyTemplate. I dont have access to my computer now so I cant give an example but you can find something similar here:… – Fredrik Hedblad Jun 12 '12 at 22:38

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