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If I use

@property (atomic,assign) int value;

and later access it like so


is that decrement atomic? Because if I had to do this:

self.value = self.value - 1;

then I am sure there would be a chance of a race condition between the read and the write.

My instinct of course is to just do this

@synchronized(self) { value--; }

but I am being told that is not kosher.


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Try OSAtomicIncrement and OSAtomicDecrement as described in this article from Apple.

self.value = self.value - 1; will not be atomic regardless of how the property is defined.

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Cool. (upvoted.) I did not know about those atomic operations. Much cleaner than dealing with locks for something as simple as an increment. –  Duncan C Jun 12 '12 at 0:24
Just be aware that everybody writing to the value must use the same style of atomic operation. If your thread uses OSAtomicIncrement and mine uses @synchronized (self) { self.value += 1; } it won't work. Probably best to make it a read-only property with a method which performs an atomic add. –  gnasher729 Feb 24 '14 at 10:15

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