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Does anyone know how to get flot to display a type of 'timeline'?


Person1| -----     -------
Person2|    -------   -------
Person3| -- -----    ----
Person4|       -------
X:      Jan  Feb  March  April

I'm not sure how to display the labels on the y axis and show the data linear

Solution so far :)


var d1 = [[(new Date("01/01/2009")).getTime(), 5], [(new Date("10/01/2009")).getTime(), 5]];

var placeholder = $("#placeholder");

// plot it
var plot = $.plot(placeholder, [d1], {xaxis:{mode:"time", timeformat:"%b.%y"}});


Thanks in advance!

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Finally found the answer. Use the configuration 'ticks'.


//american dates
    var d1 = [[(new Date("01/01/2009")).getTime(), 1], [(new Date("01/10/2009")).getTime(), 1]];
    var d2 = [[(new Date("05/05/2009")).getTime(), 2], [(new Date("06/23/2009")).getTime(), 2]];
    var d3 = [[(new Date("03/10/2009")).getTime(), 3], [(new Date("03/15/2009")).getTime(), 3]];
    //var d1 = [[0, 5], [5, 5], null, [5, 10], [15, 10]];
    var placeholder = $("#placeholder");

    // plot it
    var plot = $.plot(placeholder, [d1,d2,d3], {
        xaxis:{mode:"time", timeformat:"%b.%y"},
        yaxis:{ticks:[[1, "Apple"], [2, "Microsoft"], [3, "Dell"]]}
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View the source of http://people.iola.dk/olau/flot/examples/basic.html pay particular attention to the comment // a null signifies separate line segments I think that should get you where you want to be.

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Thanks for that, yea I saw that... but I dont seem to get the same result if the xaxis is time! as I'm not sure how to set the yaxis to something other like 'persons' for each dataset. –  Stevanicus Jun 12 '12 at 7:19
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