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I'm trying to render a link preceded by an icon. I'm using Slim templating engine along with Bootstrap CSS.

Usually you could do this the following way:

<a href="#"><i class="icon-user"></i> My Profile</a>

According to Slim's documentation, we can use == to render without escaping HTML. So, translating this to Slim, I tried the following variations:

li== link_to "<i class='icon-user'></i> My Profile", current_user
li== link_to "#{'<i class="icon-user"></i>'.html_safe} My Profile", current_user
li= link_to "#{'<i class="icon-user"></i>'.html_safe} My Profile", current_user

All variations rendered <a href="/users/1"><i class="icon-user"></i> My Profile</a> escaping the i tag.

How can I stop Slim or Rails from escaping html?

(Rails 3.2 with Slim 1.2.1)

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You want to disable HTML escaping for the link_to argument, not the entire link_to result. You're pretty close with your html_safe but your string interpolation is eating your "safe for HTML" flag. This should work better:

li= link_to '<i class="icon-user"></i> My Profile'.html_safe, current_user
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Alternatively, you could write this as

  a href=url_for(current_user)
    i.icon-user My Profile

which arguably is a little easier to read.

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Adding that if you have an attribute value which should be rendered as safe html, use double "=": span data-icon==icon (where the last icon is a variable that contains &#...;) –  elado Sep 9 '13 at 20:19
@elado: doesn't the slim documentation tell the exact opposite: github.com/slim-template/slim#output-without-html-escaping- ? –  MoMolog Sep 10 '13 at 20:46
== doesn't escape, = does. You can use tag attr=variable to render an escaped variable. if you don't wish to escape it, use tag attr==variable. For example, to render an html entity as an attribute correctly, you shouldn't escape it: ruby: icon = "&#123;" slim: span.icon data-icon==icon –  elado Sep 11 '13 at 2:08
I do not approve of the edit to my answer. The extra brackets and the pipe do add too much noise and yield little benefit imho. I chose my code on purpose. Can I undo the edit? –  MoMolog Apr 7 '14 at 10:34

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