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I'm reading a text file with UTF-8 encoding. Some lines of file includes accents. Something like this: EdiçÃo. But on Console and LINQPad output Edi��o instead of.

Here's how to I'm reading the file:

File.ReadAllLines("foo.txt", Encoding.UTF8);

How to fix this?

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I can't say what the problem is with LINQPad, but the console is probably set to a different code page and doesn't have those characters in its font. See Unicode characters in Windows command line - how?

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This. It is most likely simply a case of the font you are using not having the characters you wish to display. To verify, run your application in debug and put a breakpoint after you read the file. If the byte values are all correct, you're all set. Just change your output font. – dodexahedron Jun 11 '12 at 22:30

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