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I’am having trouble with empty dates and forms in Symfony2.

When I create an entity with an empty date, it works fine, a NULL value is inserted in the database. But when I want to edit it, it renders as today, I found no way of rendering the empy_values

As expected, “preferred_choices” does not work because “date” is not a “choice”.

Seems that a new \DateTime() is called somewhere.

Index and show actions have no problem:


            {% if entity.dueDate %}

            {{ entity.dueDate|date('Y-m-d') }}

            {% endif %}

If I ask in the controller, the behaviour is the expected one


if (!$entity->getDueDate()) {

 // enters here when there is NULL in the database


Here is the entity and form definitions:



 * @var date $dueDate


 * @ORM\Column(name="dueDate", type="date", nullable="true")


private $dueDate;


  $builder->add('dueDate', 'date', array('label'=>'Due date', 'empty_value' => array('year' => '----', 'month' => '----', 'day' => '----'),'required'=>false))

Please give me a hint, thank you in advance.

There is a related question from 2011-06-26 with no answer in google groups



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You can solve this way:

$builder->add('dueDate', 'date', array(
   'label'=>'Due date', 
   'empty_value' => array('----'),

You were close to the solution.

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I did not want to render the form by myself, but as I was already doing that due to an unrelated issue, I developed some kind of fix:

   <div class="entry {% if not entity.dueDate %}nullabledate{% endif %}">
     {{ form_label(form.dueDate) }}
     {{ form_errors(form.dueDate) }}
     {{ form_widget(form.dueDate) }}

[add to some javascript file]

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
  var nullDate = function(id) {
    $(".nullabledate select").each(function(key,elem){
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