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i have the following data types:

datatype 'n tree = Leaf of 'n | branch of 'n tree list

datatype 'n tagged_tree = T_Leaf of 'a | T_branch of 'n * 'n tagged_tree list

i don't really get the idea of how can i go through the second "tree" (of the second datatype - tagged_tree) and how, for example, should i check every node in the tree. I've succeeded doing that with the untagged tree though (contains a leaf or a sub-tree). the "leaf" was my base case, and i did the rest with a "map" function and recursion on the 'tree', but i can't do that on 'n*'n tagged_tree.

can you please give me a lead??

thank you very much!

(tagged tree means that all of the nodes has some value in it while untagged has values only in its leafs..)

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Do leaves and branches have a different type on purpose ('a vs. 'n)? – phg Jun 12 '12 at 6:48
Why can't you do it? Show us what you have done so far - it's much better than just describing it. – molbdnilo Jun 12 '12 at 9:59

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