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Here's a link as an example:

Very straight forward KML, with some placemarks (#10-21) simply not showing up on the map. I'm not very familiar with KML, but I've been reading, debugging and searching for this problem and can't figure this out. The icon links seem fine, and placemarks #10-21 show up if I erase most of the other ones (say take out 22-44).

Any ideas?


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I find this validator helpful but annoying: KML Validator. It does seem to have a problem with your <description> tag not being next to <name>.

As far as i know, you're supposed to reference a style, not include it in the point definition. See: KML Reference

Google earth is not a good place to build these; not only do many things display differently, in my experience it will also break your tags.

As far as specifically answering your question: not much of an idea why that'd happen. Try re-naming or assigning IDs to your points, and see what happens.

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Google Maps is much more strict about applying KML schema rules than Google Earth. Here's where the KML schema lives: The namespace identifies your KML as version 2.0, which never had an official spec. The current official version is KML 2.2. The 2.2 namespace is "".

In general, if you restructure your KML Placemarks, it should work. Geometries (your Point elements) should be the last thing in your Placemark element. For the elements you're using, the order should be:

name description Style Point

Also, there's no creator attribute, instead you should use an atom:author element just under your Document tag:

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Thanks for your feedback. I think I changed what you commented on, but i Still get the same behaviour. I'm unclear why only #s 10 to 21 don't work if there's a consistent problem with the elements? thanks! – adalca Jun 13 '12 at 1:53

This is a known issue with KML rendering on Google Maps. There is an internal bug filed, but no timeline on a resolution yet.

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