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I have a problem about accessing external RAM's using Cypress FX2 Microcontrollers. Can anyone tell me about what register should I use. Just like 8051 MCU's it has A15-A0 pins for address buses and D7-D0 pins for data buses Chip select, Output enable and Write enable strobes. The MCU is CY7C68013A FX2. I can't seem to find what register must be used to generate a signal for accesing the external RAM. The register for using this functions should be the same with 8051. In the microcontroller it has a dedicated pin i.e. A15(Address bus MSB) , D7(Data bus MSB)

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You can access the external RAM - short XRAM - using the 16-Bit DPTR register:

; write   register A value to XRAM address  indicated by DPTR

; read XRAM to register A
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8051 Memory configuration explained at esacademy. –  Turbo J Jun 19 '12 at 8:14

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