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So I've been getting more in depth with Linux lately, building from source and trying different distros. Right now, I'm wondering whether a /usr partition will be compatible across a variety of distros or whether I should make a /usr/local for my sources.

Distros I have or plan to install are Mint, Slackware, Arch, and CentOS. I am also hoping a /home partition won't conflict with configs.

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/usr contains libraries and other things that are specific to your distro, so no you would break them if you had a shared /usr, if I'm not mistaking same goes for /usr/local.

Also a shared /home is fine, as far as I'm aware that's what most people with multiple distros do anyway.

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/usr is distro spesific. Distros are installing them there by default. However let's suppose I want a newer version of an application. Then I install it in /usr/local. Because /usr/local always come first:

$echo $PATH

Here your see that /usr/local comes earlier. That means my custom installed applications will be started first instead of the distros one.

There you should install you distro packages to /usr but let the user decide to install /usr/local.

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Still due to library versions differing between distros a shared /usr/local would conflict right? –  Xeross Jun 12 '12 at 7:59
Yeah you're right. They all have different libraries. It's a bad idea to use /usr as different partition. I don't recomended it. I tought he wanted to make a distro from scratch. –  Fatih Arslan Jun 12 '12 at 8:11

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