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I'm using PostgreSQL 9.1.3 and the following functions:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION cad(INOUT args text[], OUT retval int4) AS $cad$
    retval := 0;
    RAISE NOTICE 'cad: %', args;
$cad$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION dodo(in_args text[]) RETURNS text[] AS $dodo$
    _res    text[];
    _rv     int4;

    _res := in_args;
    EXECUTE 'SELECT cad($1)' USING _res INTO _res, _rv;

    RETURN _res;
$dodo$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

When I call cad directly, I get expected output:

psql$ select cad(ARRAY['Quiz']);
NOTICE:  cad: {Quiz}
-[ RECORD 1 ]---
cad | ({Quiz},0)

Time: 0,319 ms

My expected result for the dodo(ARRAY['Quiz']) call is the input array without changes. But instead I receive the following error:

psql$ select dodo(ARRAY['Quiz']); 
NOTICE:  cad: {Quiz}CONTEXT:  SQL statement "SELECT cad($1)"
PL/pgSQL function "dodo" line 8 at EXECUTE statement
ERROR:  array value must start with "{" or dimension information
CONTEXT:  PL/pgSQL function "dodo" line 8 at EXECUTE statement

What is wrong here?

P.S.: I have to use EXECUTE as function to call will vary, code simplified for the purpose of question.

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You want something like:

EXECUTE 'SELECT * FROM cad($1)' USING _res INTO _res, _rv;

The return type isn't two columns of text[],int it's a record of (text[],int) which needs unwrapping.

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Indeed, such a simple thing to miss out... –  vyegorov Jun 12 '12 at 12:18
It is once you know :-) –  Richard Huxton Jun 12 '12 at 12:31

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