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pthreads allows the user to provide a chunk of memory to use for a thread stack:

size_t stack_size = 1024*1024*4;
void *stack = malloc( stack_size );
pthread_attr_t attributes;
pthread_attr_init( &attributes );
pthread_attr_setstack( &attributes, stack, stack_size );
pthread_t thread_id;
pthread_create( &thread_id, &attributes, worker_function, NULL 

Do Windows threads provide similar functionality? The second parameter to CreateThread allows one to specify the minimum size of the stack, but I can't see a way to specify the address of a buffer to use.

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Unless I'm mistaken, the answer is "No". –  Jerry Coffin Jun 12 '12 at 7:37

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You can not specify memory for stack as Jerry Coffin mention in comment, all you can specify is size of stack as second parameter to CreateThread call.

More info here.

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