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I have a function where for a specific number range a percentage has to be applied:

  • 0-100 EUR: 5%
  • >100 EUR: 3%

This number ranges and percentages should be user-defined.

The implementation should be as simple as possible.

What would you suggest for specifying the ranges and calculating the result?

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Assuming you have access to some kind of database, I'd store the values there. You would need 3 tables at minimum:


  • id_range
  • from_number
  • until_number
  • percentage


  • id_user


  • id_range
  • id_user

Make the from_number and until_number columns nullable, to represent anything up to X and anything after Y.

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Here's my short approach for calculating the result with defined rules in an array

$rules = array(
  5 => '0-100 EUR', // here the percentages and their corresponding values
  3 => '> 100 EUR'

$rand = mt_rand(0, 100); // calculate a random percent value
$lastPercentage = 0;

foreach($rules as $percentage => $val) {

  // create a range from 0-5 (in the first iteration)
  // every next iteration it is lastPercentage + 1 (5 + 1 in this case) to lastPercentage + current percentage
  $range = range($lastPercentage, $percentage + $lastPercentage);

  // yep, it is in the percentage range
  if (in_array($rand, $range)) {
    echo $lastPercentage,' < '.$rand.' > '.($percentage + $lastPercentage);

  $lastPercentage = $percentage + 1; // +1 so that there are no overlapping ranges
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