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I am new to blackberry 10 webworks, and I want to be able to locate a city using its latitude and longitude. Once a location has been clicked, I want to show some information about the location. How can I do this in blackberry 10 webworks?

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The Geolocation API allows you to get or watch a position (latitude/longitude). This sample shows how to use it.

You can invoke the Maps application with a lat/lon as an argument, to show the location. Look for MapsArgument in the Invoke API in the docs.

If you want to find the nearest city to a lat/lon, I'm not sure if WebWorks has such an API (yet) but you could use a gazetteer (see Wikipedia for info about it). There will be many freely available ones. I would suggest trying to query an online one via a web service.

Similarly, I would try to find online materials to show information about the location. Such as looking up the city in Wikipedia.

Good luck.

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