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I am trying to make a FB app which does the following:

i) The app is present on the page Tab. When the user click the pageTab, she is shown a screen[A1] where she can invite her friends to this app.

ii) When the friend gets the notification, she sees another screen [A2] which tells about the app.

What are the ways to do this?

I was wondering if there is a way to identify the source of the requests (other than the url on browser) to differentiate between the two requests to the Apps so that I can render the appropriate screens [A1] or [A2] based on if it is clicked from the PageTab or directly the invite notification.

Thank you.

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See https://developers.facebook.com/docs/requests/, section „Accepting a User Request” – your app will get the request id(s), and can then read out the details of the request(s).

If the pure fact that the user came by your app following a request notification isn’t enough for you in your scenario, you can also pass an additional data parameter while making the request, read that out when processing the request, and let your app react accordingly.

And remember that it is your responsibility to delete requests once the user has acted upon them. (Also described in detail in the documentation.)

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