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I have been currently using a Matlab script that plots a function and prints its data into a png file, but I have a problem with this last phase.

The fact is that, moving from plotted image to png files, some data points disappear. Here are my images.

What Matlab (correctly) plots (note that the maximum is (0; 7.7)): enter image description here

And here's what Matlab prints into the file: enter image description here

Note that all the points in the Y asymptote are missing!

Why does this happen?

Here's my code:

grafico2D('filename.dat', -1);


function [result] = grafico2D(filename, max_X)
% function that loads data from a two-column file and plot them in 2D image
close all;

dati = load(filename); % load data from file
X = dati(:,1); % X axis
Y = dati(:,2); % Y axis

temp = size(X);
lungX = temp(1);

hFig = figure();
set(hFig, 'Visible', 'on');

plot(X, Y, 'red'); 
hold on;
ylim([0 1]); 

    xlim([1 X(lungX)]); 
    xlim([1 max_X]);


title(strrep(filename,'_','\_')); % substitute _ with \_
xlabel('annotation prediction position'), ylabel('likelihood');

 print(hFig, '-dpng', filename); % stampa su file
% }

result = 1;


Is there someone who can help me? Thanks!

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You can increase the resolution of your image with the -r option which specifies the resolution in dot per inch (with 90 as default). It should solve your problem (at least it did for me). See the Matlab print function documentation.

PS: you could also use thicker lines with the line property LineWidth.

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You could just extend the x-limit a little bit:

xlim(xlim() - [0.05 0])
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