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Convert objective-c typedef to its string equivalent

I have an enum declared as followed:

typedef enum MODE {

Is there any way to convert the FRAMED/HALFPAGED/FULLPAGED to a string.

I know C++ has the ability by using:

static String^ GetName(
    Type^ enumType,
    Object^ value

Would there be an equivalent for Objective-C?

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You can implement a method like this:

- (NSString*)modeToString:(MODE)mode{
    NSString *result = nil;
    switch(mode) {
        case FRAMED:
            result = @"FRAMED";
        case HALFPAGED:
            result = @"HALFPAGED";
        case FULLPAGED:
            result = @"FULLPAGED";
            [NSException raise:NSGenericException format:@"Unexpected MODE."];
    return result;
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As far as i'm aware, there isn't a built in way to do what you're asking.

My approach would be something like:

- (NSString *)modeString:(MODE)mode
    if(mode == FRAMED)
        return @"FRAMED";
    else if(mode == HALFPAGED)
        return @"HALFPAGED";

    return @"FULLPAGED";
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