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I want to deploy to all four processes on a Websphere cluster with two nodes. Is there a way of doing this with one Jython command or do I have to call 'AdminControl.invoke' on each one?

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Easiest way to install an application using wsadmin is with AdminApp and not AdminControl.

I suggest you download wsadminlib.py (Got the link from here)

it has a lot of functions, one of them is installApplication which works also with cluster.


Lately I found out about AdminApplication which is a script library included in WAS 7 (/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/scriptLibraries/application/V70)

The docuemntation is not great in the info center but its a .py file you can look inside to see what it does.

It is imported automatically to wsadmin and you can use it without any imports or other configuration.

Worth a check.

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As Aviram Segal mentioned AdminApp should be object that is used for Application manipulation (install, uninstall, update etc). Also there isn't a big difference between installing things on a cluster vs a single server. –  Manglu Jun 14 '12 at 2:33

@aviram-segal is right, wsadminlib is really helpful for this. I use the following syntax:

    arg = ["-reloadEnabled", "-reloadInterval '0'", "-cell "+self.cellName, "-node "+self.nodeName, "-server '"+ self.serverName+"'", "-appname "+ name, '-MapWebModToVH',[['.*', '.*', self.virtualHost]]]
    AdminApp.install(path, arg)

Where path is the location of your EAR/WAR file. You can find documentation here

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