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I have ported an existing Extensible calendar-app to Extensible 1.5 with ExtJS 4.1. Since then a calender cannot be hidden/shown anymore when clicking on it or using the context-menu for only showing the selected calendar.

After extensive research I found the relevant place and bugs in the code: extensible-all-debug.js:4559 rec.set([], !isHidden);. It will add a new attribute 0: "IsHidden" to, which definitely cannot be correct. When changing to rec.set(, !isHidden); it works but I am in no way interested in hacking the Extensible code.

I found out that the 'TestApp'-Example of Extensible uses ExtJS 4.0.7 where everything works fine. I changed the Extensible-config.js to use ExtJS 4.1 by changing the extJsRoot to ''.
Now 'TestApp' is using ExtJS 4.1 and is broken too (hide/show won't work anymore), so there is definitely a bug, maybe Extensible but I think its more related to ExtJS 4.1 because as I stepped into the rec.set-Method of both versions (4.0.7 and 4.1) they seem to differ very much, so it could be that ExtJS 4.1 breaks something Extensible relys on.

To reproduce the Bug:

  1. Change extJsRoot in `Extensible-config.js` to ''
  2. Open 'TestApp' locally.
  3. Add a break-point at `extensible-all-debug.js:4559`.
  4. Show/Hide a calendar.
  5. Break-point hit, one step further.
  6. Inspect, should have a new attribute `0: "IsHidden"`.
  7. Continue script, calendar won't get hidden/shown.
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Bugreport exists already in Extensible Forums: – Jnanadeva Jun 12 '12 at 9:28

I posted a work around for this issues to the support forum at


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