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I am just beginning with sass and compass and stuff and writing my own mixins works well, etc... so SASS seems to be working fine.

Discovering about compass sounded very great at first, but i have the problem, that the default CSS3-Supported-Mixins just won't work.

GEM Version: 1.8.24

SASS Version: 3.1.19

COMPASS Version: 0.12.1

My screen.scss

@import "compass/reset";

.bam {
  @include border-radius(5px);

I created the project via compass create myProject. Followed by using cd myProject. Followed by compass watch.

Writing the above mentioned .scss i get the following error message

Change detected at $time to: screen.scss
error sass/screen.scss <Line 11: Undefined mixin 'border-radius'.> overwrite stylesheets/screen.css

The compass manual doesn't state anything about more configuration needed. So i am kind of stuck here. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Even though thinking i did so previously in a test, too, the solution is to actually INCLUDE the required Compass "class" via @import "compass/css3"

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post your solution as an answer and accept it. –  Christoph Jun 12 '12 at 9:44

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The problem was that i did not import the compass/css3 dependency. This is done by adding @import "compass/css3" to the .scss-file

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my compass mixins are not working even after using this import –  Aditya Sanghi Aug 3 at 9:52
looks like a different issue then @AdityaSanghi - I suggest opening a new question. –  Sam Aug 3 at 12:29

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