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I am having problems with node.js REPL. I put in the following line into the node REPL:

var p = {fname: "john", lname= "Doe"}

What I get back is an ellipsis (...) as if REPL is waiting for a continuation. I also try to put a ; at the end, or taking the var keyword out, but get the same result.

Why does it think that it is not the end of a statement? What am I missing?

env: Node version 0.6.2, running on windows.


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Your syntax is wrong, it should be:

var p = {fname: "john", lname: "Doe"}

(note the : instead of =)

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Dang, I just spent two hours on the #$#@# thing. Thanks!! –  Noam Jun 12 '12 at 10:14

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