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Is there such a thing as a Memory profiler for Iphones apps?

I'd like to know what objects are in memory at any moment.

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You'll want to use Instruments to profile your App. You can run your app with different templates.

In XCode, select Run > Start With Performance Tool > Object Allocations

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Shark is a memory profiler that comes with the Apple Developer Tools, it can be used with both iPhone and Mac applications. See: Shark User Guide (iPhone)

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Technically, I think Apple is phasing out Shark in favor of Instruments. Instruments provides memory profiling tools (allocated objects, leaks, etc...) and can connect to the iPhone Simulator or a remote device to profile iPhone apps. I've never tried to use it to show the actual objects in memory though - just allocation/deallocation activity.

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Not really phasing out - they cover slightly different scopes. That being said, Instruments is much more apt for this task than Shark is. – Dan Keen Jul 8 '09 at 22:13

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