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For Konacha, a Rails engine for testing Rails apps, we need a way to find all files that Sprockets can compile to JavaScript.

Right now we use something like


but this picks up .bak, .orig, and other backup files.

Can Sprockets tell us somehow whether it knows how to compile a file, so that backup files would be automatically excluded?

content_type_of doesn't help:

=> "application/javascript"
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You can iterate through all the files in a Sprockets::Environment's load path using the each_file method:

Rails.application.assets.each_file { |pathname| ... }

The block will be invoked with a Pathname instance for the fully expanded path of each file in the load path.

each_file returns an Enumerator, so you can skip the block and get an array with to_a, or call include? on it. For example, to check whether a file is in the load path:

assets = Rails.application.assets
pathname1 ="test/javascripts/foo.js").expand_path
pathname2 ="test/javascripts/foo.js.bak").expand_path
assets.each_file.include?(pathname1) # => true
assets.each_file.include?(pathname2) # => false
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Thanks, Sam! So this will list .../app/assets/javascripts/foo.js.bak though, even though /assets/foo.js yields 404 (as it should). (And Rails.application.assets.content_type_of '.../app/assets/javascripts/foo.js.bak' yields 'application/javascript'.) That's pretty strange. Is there some other filter I could apply? – Jo Liss Jun 14 '12 at 0:03
I found a solution that seems to work well enough: (pathname.extname == '.js' || Tilt[pathname]) -- this will pick up all files that either are already JavaScript (hence do not need to be compiled), or can be compiled by Tilt. This notably excludes .js.bak files. – Jo Liss Jul 6 '12 at 17:49

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