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I need to parse through the array and find out a value at particular place in a TCL script

E.g., I have a string

set var "00 01 02 03"

I need to parse through the var to find what is there in the 3rd entry (02).

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What you need is a TCL list. Remember the index counter starts at 0, so pass in 2 to lindex to find the 3rd element

% set my_list [list 00 01 02 03]
00 01 02 03
% lindex $my_list 2
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Your string can be interpreted as a list, so you could use lindex to get the 3rd list element (counted starting with index 0):

lindex $var 2

Better would be (and works with different delimiters, too):

lindex [split $var " "] 2
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thank you...it helped actually –  Kaushik Koneru Jun 12 '12 at 10:37
Sometimes, it is easier to use regexp -inline -all to do the word identification step. –  Donal Fellows Jun 12 '12 at 12:10

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