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We are using Visual Studio 2010 connected to Team Foundation Server 2010 and we use MSTest to create our unit tests.

Is it possible to attach an image to a test report, so when a test fails we can visualize something?

This image can for example be a screenshot of the application for UI tests or a graph visualizing measurement data.

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Use the TestContext.AddResultFile method:

public class UnitTest
    public void TestCleanup()
        if (TestContext.CurrentTestOutcome == UnitTestOutcome.Passed)

    public void TestMethod()


    public TestContext TestContext { get; set; }
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An If-else with both cases doing the same... wtf? –  pfernandez Jun 25 at 10:53
@pfernandez "Passed" and "Failed" are different words with different meanings I guess... –  Schaliasos Jun 26 at 6:42
Lol, its true xD –  pfernandez Jun 26 at 13:22

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