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I want to scrape particular contents from webpages, for this I am using web harvest. It is working well for other website when I tried to scrape contents but it is not scraping contents for this URL.

My Java code is here:

import org.webharvest.definition.ScraperConfiguration;
import org.webharvest.runtime.Scraper;
import org.webharvest.runtime.variables.Variable;
public class App 
public static void main(String[] args) 
        ScraperConfiguration config  =  new ScraperConfiguration("twit88.xml");
        Scraper scraper = new Scraper(config, "c:/temp/");
        //scraper.getHttpClientManager().setHttpProxy("proxy-server", 8001);
        scraper.addVariableToContext("url", "");
        // takes variable created during execution
        Variable article = (Variable)scraper.getContext().getVar("article");
        // do something with articles...
    catch (FileNotFoundException e) 

And My XML is here:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<config charset="UTF-8">
<var-def name="url">   large-file-securely/</var-def>        

 <!-- <file action="write" path="twit88/twit88${}.xml" charset="UTF-8"> -->

        <![CDATA[ <twit88 date="${sys.datetime("dd.MM.yyyy")}"> ]]>
<var-def name="article">
      <xq-param name="doc">
            <html-to-xml outputtype="browser-compact" prunetags="yes">
                <http url="${url}"/>

        declare variable $doc as node() external;          
         let $title := data($doc//div[@class="bdrGry"]/div[@class="boxHD1"]/h1)


      <![CDATA[ </twit88> ]]>  -->
    <!-- </file> -->               


I want to scrape first block of this URL e.g candidate name, current designation, company etc., but I am unable to scrape by using its class in XML file e.g. (I tried only one for first attempt to scrape candidate name only)

  declare variable $doc as node() external;          
         let $title := data($doc//div[@class="bdrGry"]/div[@class="boxHD1"]/h1)

But it's not working. Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

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As an aside, it is 'scrape' or 'scraping', as opposed to 'scrap' scraps' or 'scrapping'. You might have picked up some hints from the code seen above. – Andrew Thompson Jun 12 '12 at 11:20
thanks for correct me.But what is the solution of this? – kailash gaur Jun 12 '12 at 11:29
The spelling? An edit (which I've already done). That and paying more attention/using more care in typing questions in future. – Andrew Thompson Jun 12 '12 at 11:35

1 Answer 1 is not scraping contents for this URL.

From the Terms & Conditions of uses technological means to exclude Robots etc from crawling the website and scraping content. The user undertakes not to circumvent these methods.

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