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How can i change the value of jQuery ui slider on onload ?

actually what i need is "Auto Slider" ,it will automatically change ...

first i used settimeout to 3000 ,so after 3000 Milli seconds it will start work.

to change the value what i used is

$("selector").slider("value",0); // this is the first option

after finishing the first value change i need to change it to second,third etc ..

i tried delay but it still changing values at once ..

$("selector").slider("value",0).delay(2500).slider("value",45); //not working it changing to 45 

how can i implement this ?

Thank you.

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What's the problem with timeouts? –  Thomas Jun 12 '12 at 11:28

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Or else you could use setTimeout

var val = 10;
var one = function() {
    $("#slider").slider("value", val);
    setTimeout(function() {
        val = val + 10;
        $('#slider').slider("value", val);
        if( val < 100 ){
    }, 100);



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