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I have a couple of java modules set up in IDEA and I am wanting to mavenize them. These java modules use classes from one another.

I was not quite sure how I should take up this and I decide to add modules on a maven project using IDEA. Hence first I created a maven project, let's name it pm1 which has a class let's name it TempClass1. Now this class can be used in other maven project. Hence I added another maven module - pm11 and tried to use TempClass1 with in pm11. It worked and I notices that IDEA had added module dependency of pm1 in pm11. So whole structure looks as -

Maven Project

But now when I do mvn test from pm11 then it fails with error message package package1 does not exist and it looks to me that it is because package1 is in a different maven project. And I am not sure how I could use classes which reside in a different maven project. I hope I am clear in my question.

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You can use classes of other maven projects, as long as there's a proper maven dependency defined in pom.xml. Ensure that the dependency is defined and its' scope is either undefined or relevant (You may have problems if the scope is provided for example).

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I was using module creation from with IDEA while I should have been creating multi module maven project with dependency definition as you mentioned. – Tarun Jun 13 '12 at 5:40

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