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I need to create a COM server which runs as a windows service using C++. I am novice to this. I tried using Visual Studio 2010 wizard to create a COM Server as a service. I was successful in using the wizard.

Here are the questions which i would like to be answered.

  1. Has the wizard generated the code which gives me the COM server as service when i run it and i only need to add my Interface with their functions in it. Or there is more code which needs to be added to make it as a service and it remains running continously after that.

  2. I am going to use mapi32.dll (Microsoft MAPI) in this COM server, so will i be able to show the MAPI GUI through window service. Lets take for example the "Global Address Book" window through mapi32.dll. Will this GUI dialog will be shown when invoked through mapi32.dll API.

Please provide some pointer for both of these questions.

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Pretty vague. You can't just add an interface, you have to write the implementation for it. You cannot display a UI from a service. –  Hans Passant Jun 12 '12 at 12:00
YOu mean mapi32.dll API whichi invokes the GUI by itself , that GUI will not be shown. I am going to use a mapi32.dll through an interface method of the COM server. –  decisive Jun 12 '12 at 12:33

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