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I am using knockout and have an array "Properties" and each "Property" can have child "properties"

all is fine except that there is a property of the array "TabID" that should be inherited - for example if it is changed on the parent "Property" it should also change on the child "Property"

I've tried to get this to work by using creating a computed, eg.

this.TabID = ko.computed(function(){
return $parent.TabID();

and then realised that $parent was only available within the foreach loop

I've also tried passing the parent through to in the constructor eg

var childproperty = function(parent,[other properties]){
this.TabID = ko.computed(function(){
return parent.TabID(); // OR return parent.TabID;

could somebody point me in the right direction please? As a side note I also need to be able access the parent for a zero based [i] caclulation

that is each parent property should be properties[i].propitem where i = a computed value based on each parent + their child properties

for example: if parent property 1 has 3 child properties, then parent property 1 should be i=0, childproperties (i=1,2,3) and then parent property 2 would have an "i" of 4

I know... I don't ask for much right, I'm not expecting a perfect solution for my issues but if somebody can at least point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.


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I've managed to get this working by using the following, hopefully this will help anybody else experiencing the same issue

var childproperty = function(parent,[other properties]){
this.parent = ko.observable(parent);
this.TabID = ko.computed(function(){
return this.parent().TabID(); // OR return parent.TabID;

I also noticed that because my parent was calling adding the child from within a function i couldn't just use "this"

my parent property is now

var parentproperty = function([properties]){
var p = this;
p.childproperties = ko.observableArray();
p.TabId = ko.observable(1);
p.addChild = function(){
p.childproperties.push(new childproperty(p,[other properties]));

this works perfectly - if the parent tabid is changed, the value is reflected by the child property. I only really needed the parent index inside the foreach loop which I accessed with $parentContext.$index()

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Could you not have just passed the parent like so: <div foreach="items"><child data-bind="click: Foo($parent)" –  Nikos Mar 5 '13 at 9:42
@Nikos - no, because if you do that, Foo($parent) will be executed at the time of binding, you need to set click to a "delegate". –  Josh M. Jun 24 '13 at 3:48

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