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I have created a simple animation with burst engine and html5

I want to connect the start button so that if I press it twice the animation will restart. now it just start and nothing more happens. I know it because the start button just give the pause function false value, but I have no clue about how to write the function.

Any ideas ? I'm using the Burst-Engine library

var dVal = 120, redRectTL, blueRectTL;

function minBurstFunk(Burst) {
    Burst.timeline("bg", 0, 1, 0, false)
        .shape("ruta", "SVG-ex.svg", "svg", 0, 0)

    Burst.timeline("bg").paused = true;
    Burst.timeline("redRect", 0, 20, 0.2, true)
            .shape("red", "SVG-ex.svg", "svg", 0, 0)
                    .key(0, 0, "easeInOutQuad")
                    .key(10, -50, "linear")
                    .key(20, 0);

    redRectTL = Burst.timeline("redRect");
    redRectTL.paused = true;


new Burst('loadCanvas', minBurstFunk);

// ************ buttons ******************

//Stoppa red rectangel
function stopRect1() {
    redRectTL.paused = true;

//Starta red rectangel
function klickHant() {
    redRectTL.paused = false;

Link to my animation


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an online example of your code can help us in solving the problem –  Avinash Jun 12 '12 at 18:55
ofcourse. This is the link to the animation. pixeltouch.no/multimedia/labb3/canvas.php –  Dymond Jun 13 '12 at 9:29

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I solved the problem with an easy function

Just changed the klickHant() funktion to

function klickHant()
    redRectTL.paused = false;
    redRectTL.frame = 0;

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