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Is there a component out there that can be used that provides some of the great capabilities that the Google Waves editor provides (or Google Docs editor)? If it only works on a certain browser, that is fine. If it is part of GWT or some other framework, that is fine. I know that this will probably require Google Gears. I would prefer just a javascript library.

It must/should have:

  • Drag and Drop of images or files into the area
  • The ability to have toggle for sections that were changes
    (version history)
  • Basic support for PRE, Links, OL, LI. (Stack overflow editor, is close)
  • It must have auto-save support
  • It must have a sane API and system for uploading/communicating with server

It does not need:

  • Spell check
  • Real-time character by character collaboration
  • Full playback of editor history

I have seen FCKEditor and tinyMce. These editors are way too clunky and complicated.

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As noted here, Google Wave uses GWT, so you should be able to get those effects using GWT.

For direct confirmation of this, watch this video, where between 40 and 45 seconds in, a Google employee says about the Google Wave web client "it was built with the Google Web Toolkit".

(See also this search for "wave" and "gwt")

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can anyone confirm that, however? –  drudru Jul 8 '09 at 18:48

The drag and drop would require Gears as mentioned in the wave presentation, but they are working on getting an html 5 drag and drop api accepted. I don't know of any good solution to do all the other things. I know there are some simple rich text editors that can be used as plugins to mediawiki, so those combined could give you most of that functionality.

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