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My CSV file is here

Here is my data format:

1763212493,zhangniuzhang,male,,yes,(this is chinese comma,not in english)i do,hubei wuhan,1763212493,69,86,316,,,tp2.sinaimg.cn/1763212493/50/5613831962/1,0,"free,house,trip,80","1863415082,1752861352"

and my code :

import csv

with open("test.csv", "r") as f:
    reader = csv.DictReader(f)
    for row in reader:
        print row

It's very simple, but I got like following:

{'mn': '316', 'ci': '', 'sx': 'male', 'ei': '', 'ad': 'hubei;"wuhan', 'vi': '', 'fui;': 'house', 'de': 'yes\xef\xbc\x8ci do', 'iu': 'tp2.sinaimg.cn/1763212493/50/5613831962/1', 'an': '69', 'un': '1763212493', 'iv': '0', 'sn': 'zhangniuzhang', None: ['trip', '80""', '1863415082', '1752861352"""'], 'tg': 'free', '_id': '1763212493', 'fn': '86'}
{'mn': '1104', 'ci': '', 'sx': 'femail', 'ei': '', 'ad': 'jilin;"changchun', 'vi': '', 'fui;': 'art', 'de': '', 'iu': 'tp2.sinaimg.cn/1854635021/50/1289455604/0', 'an': '71', 'un': '1854635021', 'iv': '0', 'sn': 'ladywang', None: ['reading', 'music""', '1949520584', '1288127940', '1193111400"""'], 'tg': 'life', '_id': '1854635021', 'fn': '258'}

For the first record, ad equals hubei;"wuhan, but in the original file there is no "; it is in a different column.

Many fields have wrong value. For the first record:

1763212493,zhangniuzhang,male,,yes,i do,hubei wuhan,1763212493,69,86,316,,,tp2.sinaimg.cn/1763212493/50/5613831962/1,0,"free,house,trip,80","1863415082,1752861352"

The output should be:

{'mn': '316', 'ci': '', 'sx': 'male', 'ei': '', 'ad': 'hubei wuhan', 'vi': '', 'fui': '1863415082,1752861352', 'de': 'yes\xef\xbc\x8ci do', 'iu': 'tp2.sinaimg.cn/1763212493/50/5613831962/1', 'an': '69', 'un': '1763212493', 'iv': '0', 'sn': 'zhangniuzhang', 'tg': 'free,house,trip,80', '_id': '1763212493', 'fn': '86'}   

But the output is mess, not the right order nor the right values.

Any suggestions?

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You can try like .

filepath is the path of your test.csv

fdata = open(filepath) 
fread = [ l for l in fdata.readlines() if l.strip() ]

now you can iterate fread

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with open("test.csv", "r") as f: reader = [l for l in f.readlines() ] for row in reader: print row –  young001 Jun 12 '12 at 12:55
the result is same:1763212493,zhangniuzhang,male,,yes,i do,hubei;"wuhan,1763212493,69,86,316,,,tp2.sinaimg.cn/1763212493/50/5613831962/1‌​,0,""free,house,trip,80"",""1863415082,1752861352""" 1854635021,ladywang,femail,,,jilin;"changchun,1854635021,71,258,1104,,,tp2.sinai‌​mg.cn/1854635021/50/1289455604/0,0,""life,art,reading,music"",""1949520584,128812‌​7940,1193111400""" –  young001 Jun 12 '12 at 12:56
it doesn't works –  young001 Jun 12 '12 at 12:56

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