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I am parsing an html content and have output on my screen. This website have Turkish characters such as çÇşŞöÖğĞıİüÜ. I am not able to show them as proper characters, they are printed out as question marks yet.

Eclipse -> Project -> Properties -> Resource -> Text File Encoding = Inherited from container (Cp1254)

I searched web and found this solution:

Eclipse -> Project -> Properties -> Resource -> Text File Encoding = Other: UTF-8

However, it's not working. It only changes my files' current characters. (I have titles that have such characters on my activities)

Any help? Thanks in advance...

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show code (^_^) – pgsandstrom Jun 12 '12 at 12:42
To clarify: You have only changed the encodning in your IDE, not in your app. – pgsandstrom Jun 12 '12 at 12:42
so, any suggestions to change it in my app :) is it related with my code really?? – alper35.5 Jun 12 '12 at 13:21

It all depends on how you are parsing the html into memory. If you are retrieveing it from a file with the scanner class, and the html-file is saved as utf-8, then do like this:

Scanner scanner = new Scanner(file, "UTF-8");

If you are reading it from the web with the org.apache.http package, and have the content as a HttpEntity-object, then do like this:

String content = EntityUtils.toString(httpEntity, "UTF-8");

I.e. it all depends on how you read the html-file. Usually you can specify the encoding when creating the reader. You will have to match this to the encoding the file is saved with.

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Thank you for your answer. html file is saved as iso-8859-9 and I use . Answer didn't help me but I had changed the website content as I can use – alper35.5 Jun 13 '12 at 10:57
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OK, I found a real solution finally. Depending on where you are parsing from (I am retrieving data from a charset = iso-8859-9 and on Eclipse, using utf-8) you should make char replace operations. For my case,

    context = context.replaceAll("İ", "İ");
    context = context.replaceAll("ı", "ı");
    context = context.replaceAll("Ö", "Ö");
    context = context.replaceAll("ö", "ö");
    context = context.replaceAll("Ü", "Ü");
    context = context.replaceAll("ü", "ü");
    context = context.replaceAll("Ç", "Ç");
    context = context.replaceAll("ç", "ç");
    context = context.replaceAll("Ğ", "Ğ");
    context = context.replaceAll("ğ", "ğ");
    context = context.replaceAll("Ş", "Ş");
    context = context.replaceAll("ş", "ş");

where context is a String that holds all of the parsed data and will be printed out on a TextView. That's all. I should have thought that a lot before!

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