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Is there a way to download all the Emacs packages from a repository like marmalade-repo to create a repository server in local network?

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Have a look at the stephanh/elpa-mirror project ( It is written in scala, and from a quick scan of the code, it does the mirroring correctly.

Essentially what you need to do is to download archive-contents file from the repository, parse each package descriptor to figure out the name of the corresponding package file, and download it.

The mirror of the repository is nothing fancy: just put everything (archive-contents file and all the downloaded packages) at the published URL, and you are done.

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Found very interesting package.

"It will create everything you need (web files, packages, archive-contents) for hosting a ELPA mirror site. Only locally installed packages will be included."

You can even use local file path:

# Now elpa/marmalade/melpa site will be overrided
(setq package-archives '(("myelpa" . "~/myelpa")))
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