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I'm building a website where people can associate a language information to content.

The website uses Javascript heavily and the language information associated to various elements is treated internally as an ISO 639-1 code.

How to achieve stuff such as showing a list of language names (in the language of the user) and retrieve the corresponding code ?

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I think this is a duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/3217492/… – Nacho Coloma Oct 23 '12 at 15:06

There are some similar questions on stackoverflow. I needed a javascript function for getting English names and Native names for different languages. I found a nice json formatted list of ISO 693-1 language codes on stackoverflow (based on wikipedia) and created a gist with two functions getLanguageName and getLanguageNativeName. Here is how to use it:

getLanguageNativeName("cv"); // --> "чӑваш чӗлхи"
getLanguageName("cv"); // --> "Chuvash"
getLanguageNativeName("cv-RU"); // --> "чӑваш чӗлхи"
getLanguageName("cv-RU"); // --> "Chuvash"

I used it to answer another similar question: generate a list of localized language names with links to google translate

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This is almost it. But it only shows the language name in two languages. For instance, there is a dropbown on my site to associate a language to some content. If a french guy uses my site and want to select "german", it should show "allemand" (french name for the german language). Same for a chinese visitor etc. – aberaud Aug 19 '13 at 9:53

I think you are stuck with having to maintain your own list of mappings to native language names for each of the languages you wish to support. But it looks like Wikipedia has just what you need.

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What I need would be some kind of web API or JS library. The wikipedia list doesn't provide the language name in different languages :-( – aberaud Jun 12 '12 at 15:19
Ah I see, sorry, I misread and thought you wanted the names in the corresponding language (which Wikipedia has). It seems to be fairly common to present them this way though. But for your requirement, I suppose you have to localize the list of languages, like you localize any of your other UI. – Clafou Jun 12 '12 at 15:27

Best Way:

    var language = window.navigator.userLanguage || window.navigator.language; 
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