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I am just following a very simple microsoft tutorial, at the topic Create a View From a Table:

I created the view called TITO_SomeView . I used the DirAddressBookParty table, I can't open the view and I am getting the message:

"You are not authorized to access table ‘Some view’ (TITO_SomeView). Contact your system administrator."

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maybe you forget to add fields on the view, just click the fields datasource, look off the dynamics property – ronnyfch Apr 27 '13 at 7:25
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Would it be that you have not assigned any fields under the "Fields".

After Save and Compile, then you can open it.

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After we have completed Upgrade from AX 2009 to AX 2012, when we try to open some tables that have PriceDisc Configuration Key it prompts an error "You are not authorized to access table ‘Price disc sales policy parameters' "

That happens because the Configuration Key (PriceDisc) was disabled during the upgrade.

The solution is to re-enable it from : Administration > Setup > System > License Configuration

Then it will synchronize related tables. Try again to open the form / table in this case it's Price disc sales policy parameters.

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