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hi there I'm having trouble adding a image on Xcode 4.2 when i insert a UIimageview into the ViewController and drag the image from my desktop it won't add is there any other possible ways to add a image

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First add the image file to your project –  Shehzad Bilal Jun 12 '12 at 13:00

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You can't add image from desktop to imageView, you only can add image (dragging) into project folders and then select the name image into imageview properties (inspector).

Tutorial for to do that: http://conecode.com/news/2011/06/ios-tutorial-creating-an-image-view-uiimageview/

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Add the image to Your project by clicking File -> "Add Files to ...", than choose the image in ImageView properties (Utilities -> Attributes Inspector)

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thank you very much you have saved me so much time. –  Development Jun 12 '12 at 13:16

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