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When I open the message center (by sliding it down from the top) I can see that each message is associated with "how long ago it arrived". How to get that info? I also have checked out and it seems that when I create a local notification with the repeatInterval the fireDate remains the same as in the original for all repetitions. Thus I don't know how to distinguish between the dates of each local notification since the popups are non-modal. Any suggestions? Thanks. Regards, Victor

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I don't believe the time of arrival is available to you. You can send additional details with the notification's JSON though with a timestamp that you then read in your applicationDidLaunch:(NSNotification *) method.

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Hello Jeremy and thanks for the clarification. I am dealing here with the local notifications - can you please explain about JSON usage there? Thanks. Victor – user612514 Jun 14 '12 at 0:13

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