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As the title says, I'm using Codeigniter with phil sturgeon - codeigniter-restserver framework.

I've followed the tutorial on Nettus and everything works fine Except when sending a DELETE request.



class Client extends REST_Controller{

function user_get()
    $data = array('returned:'=> $this->get('id'));

function user_post()
    $data = array('returned:'=> $this->post('id'));

function user_put()
    $data = array('returned:'=> $this->put('id'));

function user_delete()
    $data = array('returned from delete:'=> $this->delete('id'));

I'm using a FF Addon called HTTP Resource test, to send the request but when i send a DELETE request with this URL: http://localhost/api/client/user/id/1, I get {"returned from delete:":false}

As a side note : I found this post and using the 'X-HTTP-Method-Override' header and sending it as a post request i was able to get the id, but I preffer a way where the client does not have to add this header.

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+1 for the title "How to send DELETE request using phil sturgeon" – fire Jun 12 '12 at 13:22
Thanks for noticing, I'll be sure to edit it :) – fatman Jun 12 '12 at 13:27
Check out this Gist: gist.github.com/Ema4rl/aebb63db1c76786c9cba811d69339fd3 – Ema4rl Jun 9 at 17:47
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According the the HTTP spec DELETE cannot send parameters. It can have things in the URL, so you could change this to:

public function user_delete($id)
        'returned from delete:' => $id,
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Thanks Phil, great FW by the way :). So i guess the tutorial on Nettuts is not updated since the code is from there. Also the url should be : localhost/api/client/user/1 (remove the /id/) – fatman Jun 12 '12 at 13:31
just a comment, but shouldn't you use something more like localhost/api/client/user/delete/1 or something? – gorelative Jun 12 '12 at 13:33
ftom2: The internet is an archive, not every article is maintained forever and I couldn't do that if I wanted to. – Phil Sturgeon Jun 12 '12 at 18:56
Mike: Why would you do that? Twitter has tainted peoples minds of what a REST API is. Adding "delete" is not only overly verbose (a HTTP Header called "DELETE" is already doing that) but is masively insecure. If you use any GET available URL for destructive actions then you open yourself up to a whole world of ridiculous security problems - and accidental deletion of content. – Phil Sturgeon Jun 12 '12 at 18:58
Thanks @PhilSturgeon - your library has been very useful to me. I hope they do update that tute sooner rather than later, because it's probably frustrating more than a few ppl. – mariachimike Nov 2 '13 at 9:14

I had the same problem an this work for me

1 -> in REST_Controller.php replace the default _parse_delete() function by :

protected function _parse_delete()
    $this->_delete_args = $_DELETE;
    $this->request->format and $this->request->body = file_get_contents('php://input');
    // Set up out DELETE variables (which shouldn't really exist, but sssh!)
    parse_str(file_get_contents('php://input'), $this->_delete_args);

That's all! no more need of " user_delete($id) ""

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Check out this Gist: gist.github.com/Ema4rl/aebb63db1c76786c9cba811d69339fd3 – Ema4rl Jun 9 at 17:47

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