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i'm having a weird problem about copying with Xcopy.

I'm using Windows Server 2008 R2. There is a Batch file (.CMD) - in fact, 2 Batches - which executes many operations. Among them there are 2 Xcopy.

The first Xcopy completes the copy successfully. Then some operations of batch are executed and...the second Xcopy is executed after some time. It shows a successfully status, like "300 files copied" but...the files are not copied !

THE strange behaviour: i put a pause command into the Batch and, after this second weird Xcopy, i run THE SAME command at the Prompt and..it works !!!

I cannot explain this, so i'm asking for help here. The full command is:

xcopy /s /e /h /r /i /y E: D:

As a matter of curiosity/information, the other Xcopy (which worked!) is:

xcopy /s /e /h /r /i /y E: D:

Or....the same command !!! Each one runs in a separated Batch file - the first Batch "calls" the second one.

E: is CD-ROM, so after the first Xcopy, the first Batch asks for another Disc and calls the second Batch, which (supposed) copies entire CD content to D: (HDD).

I'm sorry if the question is silly and i'm not realizing how simple is to correct the erratic behaviour of Xcopy. Thanks in advance...

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Thanks very much Bali C !

But i found the problem: the correct syntax is

xcopy /s /e /h /r /i /y E:\ D:\

You can see that the backslashes made all the difference ! The files were being copied to another directory, in fact, the current working directory. With backslashes the copy is fine.

But i appreciate your suggestion...

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To copy the entire contents try using

xcopy /e /h /r /i /y /t E:\*.* D:\

I left out the /s as it contradicts the /e switch, I doubt it will be the source of the problem but it's worth a shot. I used the \t switch to copy the directory structure of the source.

I have also used wildcards *.* to copy the contents, rather than just the drive letter, some things work at cmd prompt but not in batch, but try using this.

Another option would be to use robocopy.

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