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We are using play 1.2.x DB evolutions feature. I want to have the scripts to create and develop schema being tested in play auto-test

So I need an empty DB before tests suite.

I thought about:

  • registering @OnApplicationStartup listener that could delete all structures in DB (which would require some dirty code probably), and let db evolutions do the rest. But play evolutions are as well an @OnApplicationStartup and I don't know how to make sure my listener will be the first. This could be overcome with another hack - calling DB evolutions from code.
  • dropping and recreating DB with some script - before running auto-test, but that doesn't make my test be always the test I want. e.g. I need to always remember to use my script not only auto-test. This script will not be executed when executing test from eclipse.

Are there any other options?

Or maybe someone can suggest any other solution for testing this stuff?


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Simpler: use an in-memory database (compatible in syntax with your prod database so that the SQL works fine).

You'll have a new db each run, and evolutions will execute always.

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Problem is mysql mode in h2 is not 100% compatible with real mysql syntax - for example in terms of alter table command. but I may overcome it somehow. and this might be the best option for now. – Tomasz Bartczak Jun 14 '12 at 7:11

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