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I am using yahoo pipes to fetch articles from various sources including google, however articles from google include the title and source of title in the description, is there a way in yahoo pipes to remove the title & source and leave the rest of article intact. I tried to use sub-string however it requires length of the string which is variable for each article. I guess if there is way to calculate the length of title and source and pass it to sub-string module this may work.

Any help would be great.


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Take a look at http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=8KZMRx473hGtVMYsP27D0g, which can be used as a subpipe (i.e. within a loop) to calculate the length of a string. It should be relatively straightforward to add a second text input module and modify the Pipe to cater for your second text string.

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