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I have a Core Data entity class that subclasses NSManagedObject.

I want to update the entity's attribute with a last modif. timestamp, so I'm implementing its willSave method.

I found out that when the method is called, isUpdated returns TRUE but changedValues is empty (same for changedValuesForCurrentEvent).

Can you explain me how is it possible?


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do you have some default values you set to the object again? the values wouldn't change, but your object is "marked" as updated – phikin Jul 23 '13 at 23:16

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The state method isUpdated is set to YES when any property that causes KVO notifications is updated, so re-setting a property to it's current value will cause isUpdated to be set to YES.

changedValues returns the properties that have actually been changed. Perhaps a category method like this would help:

- (BOOL) isActuallyUpdated
    return self.changedValues.count > 0
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