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I'm sending a page event:

page.sendEvent('click', 650, 430);

This clicks a link that dynamically loads an element over ajax. Is it too late to access this dynamically loaded element via page.evaluate? I can't seem to return anything whatsoever in anything dynamically created on the page.

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So far the simplest dynamic way is to catch console messages, like described here http://code.google.com/p/phantomjs/wiki/Interface#Callbacks

page.onConsoleMessage = function(msg) {

In case you want to send some binary data, then I would recommend to use some kind of pipe through injecting a custom script into the webpage.

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Why don't you use window.setTimeout and take a snapshot using page.render? So your code would change to:

window.setTimeout(function() {
   page.sendEvent('click', 650, 430);
}, 5000);
window.setTimeout(function() {

The time out will give the ajax call a chance to complete. The render will let you see what the page is supposed to look like when the ajax call is done.

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