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In order to run one emulator, I use command

emulator -avd my_emulator_name &

If I want to automatically run 2 (or more) emulators via shell this way:

emulator -avd my_emulator_name1 &
emulator -avd my_emulator_name2 &

none of emulators will start. As soon as I start next emulator, the previous crashes.

Where am I making a mistake?

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Those guys on linux can make a shell script like this and run it each time from desktop.

  1. make empty file lauchTablets.sh
  2. copy the code into it

    echo "Running 1"
    emulator -avd emu1 &
    sleep 5s;
    echo "done!"

    echo "Running 2"
    emulator -avd emu2 &
    sleep 5s;
    echo "done!"

    echo "Running 3"
    emulator -avd emu3 &
    sleep 5s;
    echo "done!"

    echo "Running 4"
    emulator -avd emu4
    echo "done!"

  3. make the file executable

I set sleep period of 5 seconds randomly. you may try with lower sleep interval.

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