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I have a sharepoint list that is used to record weekly activity, e.g. four columns for weeknumber, projectname, customername, comment

I'd like to be able to generate a report containing all the data for a particular week in the following format

  • ProjectName 1
    • Customer 1
      • Comment 1
    • Customer 2
      • Comment 1
  • ProjectName 2
    • Customer 3
      • Comment 1
    • Customer 4
      • Comment 1

I can do this by exporting the list to an Excel file and then writing some VBA to generate a Word Document, but I'm wondering if there is any way to cut out the Excel step.

I'd appreciate any ideas,

Best regards,


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Open Xml ?

I found it quite a steep learning curve to get into, but very powerful. I'd suggest that this is a more elegant approach than vba (in that you are dealing with strongly-typed classes) but not necessarily quicker.

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So there's two parts to this

a) Getting the data from SharePoint.

b) Converting it into a Word document.

For a) You will probably end up running this remotly (i.e. not on the sharePoint server) as automating office apps on a server is not recommended - so you should look into the SharePoint Web Services to access your data.

For b) You can use - Office Automation (via VBA or C#, VB.NET etc) - Open XML as Pete suggests (Example running in SharePoint) - A commercial component such as Apose The last two will allow you to run your code on the SharePoint server

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There is nice example on Github (FoodOrder) on how to do it with Templater.

As author I highly recommend it ;)

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