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I am in the process of changing out a wysiwyg editor for a customer using a custom built CMS. The CMS was built using WYSIWYG Pro and I am trying to move them over to CKEditor. I can get the editor to display correctly in various browsers, but I can not seem to call information from the database like the previous editor. All of the functions that call info from the database seemed to be tied to the WYSIWYG Pro scripts.

This area calls the editor and data using the old editor:

$editor = new wysiwygPro();



$editor->print_editor('90%', 300);

This will call the new editor just fine, but the set_name and set_code function returns the error Fatal error: Call to undefined function: set_name()

@$editor = new CKEditor();




set_name and set_code are functions defined within the WYSIWYG Pro scripts. Is there a simple way to call the data without using the set_name and set_code function?

This is my first post here. I read the posts here all the time and find tons of helpful info. Hopefully someone can help me through this. Thanks!

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Well, figure out what these functions do and replace them with equivalent functionality of the new editor/class. You can't expect code to behave identically when you rip out a major class from your code. – deceze Jun 12 '12 at 16:26
Well, if it were that easy, I would have already done that and not posted here! I was looking for a simple way to populate the textarea with the information that is stored in the database. Here is what I have come up with that is working. Am I on the right track here?? $editor->editor('m_tuka',"$row->content",'m_tuka'); I have removed the set_name and set_code functions since they applied to the previous editor. Felt I just needed something to call info into textarea since editor was functioning correctly. – webdude Jun 12 '12 at 19:47

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