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In Rails 3.2.5, I can't seem to figure out how to collect many datetime_select results inside an inner array in params

For example, if I have this

<input type="text" name="poll[options][]">
<input type="text" name="poll[options][]">

Then params will contain params[:poll][:options] which is an array of all of the options fields.

Here's my datetime_select:

datetime_select "scheduler", "options", {
  add_month_numbers: true, 
  default: +, 
  datetime_separator: "<span>at</span>", 
  time_separator: "<span>:</span>", 
  leading_zeros: true

I want to repeat the datetime_select many times in the form.

The model/field parameters do not seem to allow finagling anything like "scheduler[]" or "options[]" in order to collect an array of datetime_select results.

How can I do this so that many datetime objects appear inside an array located at params[:scheduler][:options]?


Here is how I am currently hacking it:

datetime_select_tags = datetime_select "scheduler_selects", "", add_month_numbers:true,, +, datetime_separator:"<span>at</span>", time_separator:"<span>:</span>", leading_zeros:true
datetime_select_tags.gsub! 'name="scheduler_selects', 'name="scheduler[options][]'

This produces tags like

<select id="scheduler_selects__1i" name="scheduler[options][][(1i)]">

so params correctly contains

"scheduler" => { 
  "options" => [
    {"(1i)"=>"2012", "(2i)"=>"6", "(3i)"=>"13", "(4i)"=>"15", "(5i)"=>"24"}, 
    {"(1i)"=>"2012", "(2i)"=>"6", "(3i)"=>"13", "(4i)"=>"15", "(5i)"=>"24"}

I will probably try to wrap this in a helper in order to also produce unique HTML id attributes. Really hoping this is not the long-term solution, though.

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Have you tried datetime_select "scheduler", "options[]"? – Chowlett Jun 12 '12 at 16:22
@chowlett Yes, that produces, in part <select name="scheduler[options[](1i)]">. Rails chokes on these name attributes and the datetime_selects will overwrite each other (i.e. I get just one back even if I list many on the page). – Karew Jun 12 '12 at 17:31

Using trial and error, I found this to work:

<%= form_tag :things do %>
<%= datetime_select("dates[a]", "b" ) %>
<%= datetime_select("dates[c]", "d" ) %>
<%= submit_tag 'save' %>
<% end %>

This gives you hashes like params[:dates]["a"] and params[:dates]["b"]. I couldn't get the inner index to work with symbols and I'm not sure how to make those 1i, 2i,... suffixes go away.

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The (1i) suffixes are for re-building a DateTime object using multi-parameter assignment. Your solution got me closer. What this answer gets is a single hash of b(1i), d(1i), b(2i) attributes, which I guess is splittable.... – Karew Jun 12 '12 at 19:16

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